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Carbon-intensive regions may not see a win-win solution, but it is important to involve all stakeholders.

Clean energy attracted the biggest share of investments in the energy sector.

We can decarbonize industry thanks to carbon capture and storage, but we need EU’s help, said Statoil executive Sonja Chirico Indrebø.

E-mobility is an energy transition enabler because of its emphasis on technological progress and emissions reduction, Peter Badík says.

European Commission prepares a new initiative to support the coal regions, while the phase-out is accelerating, said Director General for Energy Dominique Ristori.

Close to 50 million Europeans cannot afford enough energy to meet their basic needs. According to experts, the solution has to be cross-sectional.

The Europe Union needs to increase its energy efficiency, strengthen interconnections between countries and come to terms with Russia on Nord Stream 2.

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